Herta Hoffman

Senior Stylist

After graduating from college to begin teaching at an elementary school, a Master’s degree in Educational Leadership & Management and then her name proceeded with the title of Principal, Herta found herself incredibly disappointed that she was nowhere close to what her gut told her happy should be. Her self-discovery sent Herta on a path of big decisions and major risks. She left her beach front home in Jacksonville, FL to begin training at Aveda Institute Austin.

Now, Herta is Tarver Hill’s Lead Wedding Stylist. Currently she is on the floor taking appointments. She has entered national competitions, and graduated at the top of her class. Herta is excited to continue her education at Tarver Hill because she truly believes that outer beauty is one that can activate the inner beauty of a soul. Herta believes that through her natural demeanor of wanting to help others and making them not only know their self-worth, but FEEL and BELIEVE in their self-worth can be down with simply sitting down in her chair. To Herta, everyone is beautiful, sometimes they just need that cut and color, or a touch of lip gloss, and the finishing touches of a special professional to help them turn the chair around, look in the mirror, and upon their first glance, feel ready to take on the world!

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